September 18th, 2013

Fall is in the air, a time of  beautiful leaves, pumpkin spice and most importantly Jagermiester girls. We sent two of our blondes up to Vail to work at this fabulous event to promote our favorite liquorish liquor.


Two of our favorite Jager-girls Jenny and Vanessa engaged with the crowds. They handed out prizes for those who answered Jager trivia correctly, giving them t-shirts, shots and other shwag.


The air was crisp and the drinks were delish, and clearly it was a stellar event!


Mexico vs. Ivory Coast

August 15th, 2013

This stunning event took place at  MetLife stadium in celebration of the Mexico vs. Ivory Coast game! The excitement from our models and fans alike was palpable. Our very own team lead Anne Hamilton seemed to be the token attraction, as she was the only tall blonde in sight at the event.


Anne was also featured cheering on Mexico on the big screen as well as on ESPN! Much of our models  time during the promotion was spent engaging with the fans and taking photo’s with the families! They all felt like a regular celebrities. All in all, it was a very exciting game for the brand Castrol, excited fans and our fabulous spokes models!


Put the Lime in the Hole You Nut!

July 25th, 2013

Golf was the center of our special events this last few weeks.  We ran a few tournaments for Arta Tequila where our models played some silly games with the participants where they were required to put a lime into the pin!


Participants and winners alike received awesome prizes. We had shooters of the reposado to give away as well as a full sized bottle of the Anejo for the extra on-point lime putters. The models also gave away t-shirts and other fun prizes!


This particular competition took place at the  beautiful Pinhurst Golf Club on a spectacularly, sunny day! Our model Brittany also shined very brightly.


Look for this golf inspired fun at a course near you!

Girls on Fiyah!

July 11th, 2013

Last weekend was a big  here at Premier Image. We had promotional events all over front range, from Heritage Liquor in Centennial all the way to Wilbur’s Total Beverage in Fort Collins.  Our girls helped us celebrate America’s birthday with some serious-selling-swagger and were slinging notable amounts of American Harvest Vodka.


While consumers were obviously enjoying the view of the fireworks, they were also getting some free samples of Svedka Cream Pop and Strawberry Colada Vodka (whilst enjoying the view of our beautiful promo models).


Hope you all enjoyed your Fourth Of July weekend! We have some great events happening this week and weekend so keep an eye out for our male models at the Compound and Hamburger Mary’s.


PIA You’re a Firework

July 2nd, 2013

Americas birthday celebration is upon us! Here at PIA we have a very busy weekend coming up. In celebration of everything American, there will be special promotions for great prices on American Harvest vodka. If you’re looking for deals and friendly faces, we will have promotions happening at stores like Lukas Liquor’s and Hazel’s tomorrow.


As summer gets hotter, so do our promo-models! So make sure and look out for our sexy Svedka ladies  who will be parading around downtown Denver. They will be sampling the new flavor Strawberry Colada, so keep an eye out for the gorgeous girls in the gold. They will also have some sweet shades for you.


Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!!!!

Summer Fire!

June 25th, 2013

As the summer gets hotter, we have noticed a few common trends going on through June.  We decided that as the weather gets warmer, we want our drinks to get more delicious! That’s why we at Premier Image have been avoiding sunburns but seeking the delicious burn of Fireball Whiskey.


Our promotions for this exciting liquor have been in full swing! Our talent had an excellent time at Pine Creek Golf Course, cheering on the tournament and handing 0ut shots to the golfers while they enjoyed a competitive, fun game. 


If golfing is not your forte, be sure to check out many local bars and country clubs for Arta Tequila.  Over the previous weekend, some of our girls poured the Anejo, Reposado and the Silver tequilas at a Mexican theme night taking place at Crestmoor Pool and Tennis Club. The club was having a special “guys night” in which a cornhole tournament was taking place and the talent had a great time pouring cocktails and neat tequila, while encouraging the competition.


Fanfest For Castrol Mexican National Soccer Game!

June 19th, 2013

Soccer fans all over Seattle united at Century Link Field for an event that took place before the game. Castrol and the National Mexican Soccer Team put on a great event which the Premier Image’s girls were engaging with fans.


One of many exciting aspect of this special event is the fact that legend Marcela Balboa was in attendance, engaging and exciting the crowd along with our talent. Balboa holds remembrance for one of the best World Cup goals in history (see video) during USA’s tide changing win vs. Colombia in 1994.


Obviously this event was not only a great success for Premier Image, but will be also be memorable for the fans and talent alike. We look forward to similar fan fests with Castrol around the country!


Memorial Day Weekend and Jagermeister!!

May 21st, 2013

If you’re a Jager drinker in the Mile High city, this weekend is the time to stock up! Jagermeister and PIA are having a number of promotions throughout Denver, offering Jagermeister at a temporarily discounted price. Friday May 24th, between the hours of 4-6pm, you will have a chance to take advantage of this great deal at various liquor stores throughout Colorado.


In Denver, Keg liquors off of Colorado will be taking part in the sale. In Lakewood, Union Wine and Spirits is your destination. If you’re up North, Liquor Max in Loveland and Westlake Wine & Spirits in Greeley will both be partaking in the sale. If you’re in Colorado Springs, you can make your way to Liquor City or Cheer Liquor Mart to take advantage the this special opportunity. Regardless of which city you live in, there will be ample opportunity to get ready for your Memorial Day weekend by stocking up on everyone’s favorite party favor, Jagermeister!!!

Summer Time In The Mile High City!

May 16th, 2013

With Graduations every weekend, and the weather just around the corner, Summer has certainly almost arrived in the Mile High City. To welcome the season, we have a number of events and promotions taking place.


Svedka is celebrating the launch of the newest flavors Strawberry Colada and Orange Cream Pop with promotions through the Denver Metro area. Here, PIA’s lovely Vanessa and Rada are giving guests of Stoney’s Full Steam sample of the new flavors!



Constellation wines is welcoming in Summer by celebrating Chardonnay Days. The lovely PIA models are heading to all the major liquor stores with coupons for all your favorite Chards.


Arta Tequila is also embracing the Spirit of Celebration here locally as places like Mezcal and Breckenridge Brewery. You can also get a bottle to take home with you at places like Argonaut and Keg liquors.

Cinco De Mayo with Arta Tequila!!!

May 10th, 2013

If you weren’t celebrating Cinco with Arta Tequila, you certainly missed out! From San Francisco to Phoenix to Houston, Arta Tequila is taking over the craft tequila market, and everyone who tries it LOVES IT! To find out more about where Arta can be purchased, and where you can catch the Arta girls next, make sure you’re keeping up with our Facebook page, and brushing up on the next big thing to happen to tequila on the Arta website.


These party-goers really got into the Spirit of Celebration with Arta Tequila at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.Whether at the Cabana by the pool, or in the casino in their sombreros, celebrators always had an Arta cocktail nearby!