Jameson Bartenders Ball

Last night, many of Denver’s industry professionals were at the Exdo Event Center in downtown Denver enjoying the Jameson Bartenders Ball. The event is a big thank you to all that have supported Jameson throughout the year. Mini-Gaga, The Knew and Reno Divorce and many other side acts provided all the entertainment for the evening and of course, everyone got to try their favorite Jameson drink.

Not every city in America is fortunate enough to have this great event and Denver is lumped in with cities such as San Francisco, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Seattle, Austin,  just to name a few others cities that get to enjoy the Jameson Bartenders Ball.

PIA provided the event with two of the most attractive features of the night, body paint models. Ali C. and Terra S. looked great and did a great job interacting with the attendees and taking photos, some of which you can see below. A big thank you to Pernod Ricard and Yoko Toyoda and Jason Brenner for putting it all together and allowing the PIA team to be in attendance!


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  1. квадроциклы Says:

    Good article. Very well written

  2. Bridgett Pritcher Says:

    Stunning images! I adore the post so much! ;)

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